Monday, July 09, 2007


Alastair loves fireworks. And when I say love, I mean LOVE. We weren't terribly close to the demonstration so the noise didn't bother him at all. Actually it seemed like he pretty much enjoyed the sound effects that accompanied the sky flowers (Thank you, George Romero.) . He would follow a particularly lovely set of fireworks with a big grin and a "Boooom!" When the lull between sets was just too long for his taste, he'd let out a few whiny, "Boooom?"s.

After the demonstration ended, Alastair continued to "Booooom?" all the way back to the house and through the bedtime rituals. Unfortunately it didn't help that the local rich bastard with a beef against the Tides Inn (Provider of official local show) continued with his own private fireworks extravaganza that carried on for well over an hour.

But Little A is a fireworks fan indeed.

This week I am attempting the single parent thing while Adrian is away for a training class in NC. So far so good in the first 24 hours. My parents are whisking us away for a few days in the mountains which means it won't entirely be Amanda Solo. But I can say with certainty that I would never be one of those single women who chooses to have a kid sans partner and raise it on her lonesome. No way.

On my way to extract Little A from his car seat this afternoon, I had a minor altercation with the edge of my car door. Basically, I slammed my eye into it. Now I have a semi-black eye.

I am so bringing the hotness.

Fortunately the incident occurred in my driveway, allowing me to have a private moment of profuse swearing whilst holding my injured eye socket. Alastair looked on with this expression of , "Lady, what's your problem? Get me out of this car seat. It's hot as balls out here."

This is what happens when Adrian goes out of town.

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