Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

Yesterday, my uncle (and fellow zombie fighter) had open heart surgery. He just turned 42. This is going to be a difficult recovery for him both physically and mentally. I'd like to ask everyone to please keep him in your prayers and thoughts in general.

He also happened to be my boss. My brief career as a stay-at-home Veronica Mars has been waylaid, hopefully only temporarily. I still can claim to be a card-carrying P.I. though.

Little A has many new things on his Baby Agenda. He is working diligently on mastering using a spoon and fork. He's had quite a bit of success, albeit messy. We've also become regular viewers of Seasame Street in the mornings. You should see him egg on Cookie Monster to eat the letter of the day. Another charming skill he's picked up is pressing the "lock" button on my car key to make the horn honk. He gets this big old grin and shouts "Beep Beep!" I let this go on for a few beeps of the horn and then spirit away the key. Just another thing to annoy the neighbors, ya know.

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