Friday, June 15, 2007

Five For Friday

Five Things I've Always Wanted to Learn How to Do but Probably Never Will

1. Knit/crochet: I wish I had been more successful at convincing my grandmother to teach me while she was still alive.

2. Speak French: I suck at languages.

3. Dance: Specifically ballroom/swing/social dances. Years ago, Adrian and I used to attend "swing night" at a local club for a brief lesson and dancing. I was total crap at it, and spent most of the evening watching much better dancers as they tore up the floor.

4. Drive manual transmission: I doubt this will ever happen. However the skill does seem handy for survival in the zombie apocalypse.

5. Play a musical instrument: For a number of years in my childhood, I took piano lessons. While I can functionally read music, I can't play worth shit.

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Anonymous said...

if we are ever in the same state, you are totally getting all the knitting lessons! if i can teach 6 year olds, a lovely intellegent lady like yourself would be a breeze! we could even use licorice whips and chopsticks.

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