Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Am Lame

In his last two posts, my husband has written some compelling pieces on biofuel and issues with gun control and the FOIA. I write about pop culture, adventures in childrearing, and fashion. Yeah, my ass is shallow.

But to provide a brief commentary on his posts (Please read his posts as they are quite interesting.) in my typical mildly nutso fashion:

Looks like the miracle of biofuel is just a big ole' CF. So we're raping natural resources and destroying one of the Earth's most unique ecosystems to no longer be dependent on "foreign oil" and decrease our "carbon footprint" Look, this whole foreign oil B.S. is ridiculous (Except when it comes to any petroleum from Venezuela 'cause that Chavez dude is messed up.). Take a look at the clothes you're wearing, the various electronic products around the house, hell anything that doesn't move and I guarantee there's a label somewhere that reads MADE IN CHINA. And we're suddenly concerned about where our oil comes from?

I also wish that everyone would crawl out of Al Gore's ass and realize that harming the Earth isn't all about emissions and global warming. Crap, Indonesia (typical of a developing nation rushing into a money generating scheme without first heeding long term effects on their country and people) is destroying their rain forests so that they can grow corn to provide us silly reactionary Westerners with biofuel to assuage our gas hysterics. At this rate in twenty years there won't be a wild habitat for many species of animals. Not to mention the effect production of this biofuel crap will have on the world's food supply. Sigh. I know I'm no climatologist, but how did the Earth emerge from the Ice Age when there were no Yukon Denali's and Chevy Suburbans to heat things up?

Regarding the asshat who saw fit to post the name and address of every Virginia citizen with a concealed weapons permit (including a member of my family). It amuses me no end to tell people I own a handgun. Their reaction is sometimes very similar to one I might get if I told people that I killed children and then bathed in their blood to keep my skin looking youthful. See, I don't walk down the street with my gun tucked into the front of my pants just waiting to shoot someone in the face. Hell, I don't even take it out of its case on a regular basis. I own a gun for basically three reasons:

1. It's pretty.
2. I like to target shoot.
3. A handgun will be necessary protection from zombie hordes. At least until I can secure my very own AK-47.

So this notion that I as a gun owner am somehow a threat to society amuses me. Unless you are a reanimated corpse attempting to eat me or any member of my family or you are entering my home intending to harm me or my son, I will not shoot you. Should the day of the zombie apocalypse come and you unfortunately fall in with the flesh-eating mob, well then buddy, all bets are off. Until then, I'm safe as kittens! Whee!

Hey, Grindhouse opens this weekend. Tarantino AND zombies. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Happy April everyone! Best month of the year!

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Richard said...

Heh, I get crap for liking Rob Zombie's movies while you stockpile for the zombie apocalypse. :)

Interestingly, about half the films you have listed as favorites are favorites of mine. I guess the Rob Zombie stuff is only on my side of the Venn diagram...

I like your writing style, smart and sarcastic. A good combo.


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