Saturday, March 31, 2007

Worst Mom Ever Part II

First, let me just say that the Monument Ave 10K went swimmingly this morning. The weather couldn't have been nicer (cool and sunny). Being this was my first 10K and I normally run around 4 miles in my regular workout, I was pretty darn pleased with my performance. I ran the entire race without stopping and felt pretty darn good. My pace didn't change a lot, and I might have made in just under an hour. Adrian and I are looking forward to the Komen 5K and maybe even the Carytown 10K in May.

This running this seems to be turning into a nice little hobby. Plus, it's cheaper than The Gastric.

Tuesday while at Ukrop's with Little A, I was stopped by a total stranger and chastised (albeit nicely) for not using the little seat belt-thingy in the grocery cart on him. It was the first time any one's ever publicly accused me of doing something unsafe with my son. While I am sure this woman had well-meaning intentions, it came across as pretty annoying. Did I look young and stupid? Is that why she felt it necessary to lecture me on how once her daughter fell out of a grocery cart reaching for something on the shelf? Mildly shocked and embarrassed, I let her prattle on to me for a few minutes and then smiled, thanked her, and went on my way. No, I did not buckle up Little A either.

The whole incident was strange, and amazingly I managed to not become defensive with the lady. I guess I figured it would have been a waste of energy to try and explain why I choose not to use the seat belt thing (For several reasons including how uncomfortable it seems to be for him, cutting into his belly as well as the fact that my kid's not stupid. Why would he reach for a shelf a few feet away when he can reach back and grab crap right out of the cart.). Sure, I am a super-crappy mom when it comes to safety. I haven't baby proofed my entire home, wrapping all of the edges of furniture in thick cotton batting and baby-gating every single doorway. But Adrian and I believe, short of allowing him access to breakables and poisonous household chemicals, that it is more important to instill in Little A a sense of boundaries not determined by plastic barriers and child-locks. If we don't want him into something, we work really hard (as it is not easy) at teaching him not to go into a cabinet or touch something on a shelf.

What I realized that it that woman probably spoke up to me because of where we were shopping. The average shopper at the Village Ukrop's probably has a household income in the six figures. Wal-Mart this ain't. So these rich West End women probably are imbued by years of privilege with a sense of moral superiority and the knowledge that other white, upper class young women will kow-tow to them, especially in public.

Dude, I know better than to call some stranger out on how they are raising their kids. If I was in Target and pulled some random mother aside and lectured her on using the seat belt on her kid, she'd probably cut me or at least chew me out. Unless something serious is occurring with a child that involves sharp pointy objects or live electrical wires, I will mind my own damn business. Even in a dangerous situation, I'll take a good look at the parents and try to determine whether or not they would whoop my ass for telling them how to raise their child. While said child jabs himself in the eye with a stick, of course.

Ah well, just another badge of merit on my Worst Mom Ever uniform.

Does anyone else think that this past Lost episode was not the best one in a long time? It was teh awesome.

I really like the new enviga peach. It's pretty tasty. Hey it even burns calories. If I drink three, of course.

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