Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Never Again

No, never, ever, EVER!

In this lifetime, I will never again eat funnel cake.

Since we missed the State Fair and our beloved Fried Oreos, Adrian and I sought out our yearly Fair Food Fix in funnel cake from the National Folk Music Festival. I enjoyed probably the first half of the fried sugary goodness, but I should have listened to my stomach when it started to whine, "No more, please." Heck, the last of what I managed to consume of my funnel cake didn't even taste all that good. But Stupidhead was determine to eat as much as I could. Fried Fair Food Fix only comes but once a year, you know. Immediately after eating the funnel cake, I knew that my stomach would make sure I lived to regret it.

Fast forward to a few hours later and I am sitting on my couch, eyes closed, while a massive riot goes on in my stomach. I'm talking Parisian housing project riot, complete with flipped over Citroens on fire, tear gas clouds filling the skies, and gendarmes in full riot gear. I couldn't tell if I was going to pass out, explode, or throw up. They all felt like suitable options for relieving my misery. Eventually, the intestinal pandemonium passed and I was able to eat a few pieces of lukewarm pizza. But damn.

Never again. Certainly never funnel cake on top of chicken curry and a samosa. Bluh. Bad burps, man. Bad Burps.

Anyway, the festival was fun. We didn't get to enjoy as much music as we did last year mostly due to Little A's schedule and his extreme dislike of loud applause. Plus, the musicians seemed to be just as enamored with talking about folk music as they were with playing it. But what we did hear was awesome and has inspired us to look into purchasing some new and interesting music. Like AltaiKAI, whose seriously funky throat singing produced funkier sounds than anything Paul Oakenfold has put out in a while.

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