Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy Busy Little Bee

October always ends up being the busiest month in our yearly calendar. Heck, December isn't even this action-packed (At least in Team Amos terms). Not only is our social calendar pretty darn full, but Adrian's been working almost every night this week. Good thing I've got my crazy baby who reminds me to stop ever so often and roll around on the floor with him.

Last weekend was the National Folk Festival where we encountered great music and intestinally damaging funnel cake.

This Saturday night is the Eighth Annual Amos Halloween Fete, but before that the undead parade through Richmond.

Sunday, my mom, uncle, and I take on the daunting task of cleaning out my grandmother's barely lived-in apartment. I am looking forward to this like a root canal.

Next Saturday, Daniel and Rachel tie the knot. That same weekend is the awesome Festival of India. Can't wait to chow down on some tikka masala and nann. Maybe pick up a fancy piece of jewelry or some sari fabric. I've been inspired by Project Runway to start sewing again (Uli was robbed!) or did I ever start to begin with...?

In between all the social stuff is the usual church committments and of course, All Hallow's Eve! During all this craziness, I need to stop and enjoy the fall colors. Which is why Little A and I will be taking a post-lunch walk today, weather permitting.

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