Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey Ya!

There's a chill in the air. Does this mean official fall weather is here to stay or will it vanish in typical Richmond style in a few days replaced by stifling temps and humidity?

I'm really pulling for Michael to win Project Runway. I love his designs, highly original and flattering. Plus, he seems like such a nice guy. Nice guys should always win.

Car seats suck. Certainly, I want to ensure the safety of my child at all times, but why do these damn things have to be like racing seats with intricate five-point harnesses that only get twisted and tangled every time I go to strap in my kid? The comfort level of these things is also questionable. Alastair never looks particularly thrilled to be sitting in one. I foresee with our super-obsessive society that in the near future children will be encased in foam padding every time they leave the house. Better yet, each parent will be assigned a government-issued Child Protection Officer to police you constantly with regards to the "safety" of your child's surroundings...


I love coffee. I could drink it all day if I weren't convinced that eventually my intestines would rebel quite strongly.

Can every American woman please join with me in defiance of this damn skinny pants/jeans revival? Any woman who lived through the 80's owned a pair of these same jeans in acid wash and probably with zippers at the ankles. We all remember how totally unflattering to most women these skinny jeans were. If you had any thighs at all, the cut of the jeans made them look huge. Unless of course you were an underweight model or had the legs of a chicken. Don't let the fashion designers and magazines convince you otherwise! Skinny jeans are wrong. It's just yet another icky 80's revival that designers, lacking in creativity, are trying to foist on us, and because we can't stand up to the Fashion Machine, we will trot on down to the mall and buy those awful skinny jeans no matter how ridiculous they make us look. Just like gauchos and these retarded short trouser things I keep seeing. Shorts with tights! People, how much more 1987 can you get? Let's cling tightly to our boot cut jeans and refuse to let go.

The State Fair is coming. Fried oreos, corn dogs, and demolishion derby. Yum.

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ahamos said...

You're all over the map today. I knew I made you too much coffee. ;)

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