Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Rain Scares Me

All this rain we are having worries me. I know that we need the rain; it's good for the plants. Last summer it was so dry, we lost several bushes in our yard-hardly surprising considering the collective Amos gardening skills or lack thereof. Rain is certainly welcome. Now days of rain storm after rain storm, especially the voracious storms that descended upon us last night are troubling.

Flooding is a mild concern, but I remember that the summer leading up to hurricane Isabel was a wet summer as well with numerous heavy storms and rainy patches. The excessive rain contributed to the widespread destruction that resulted from the hurricane. The ground was so saturated with moisture that the trees didn't have a firm root. Soft ground coupled with high, strong winds make for a lot of downed trees. A few weeks ago the national news predicted that this year will be a hurricane-heavy year for the Atlantic seaboard. Whereas the Gulf states got hammered last year, the East Coast is in for it in 2006. If that prediction is true and this summer continues to be rainy, I fear that we might have a repeat of the chaos that followed Isabel. I certainly hope not, but I am not taking any chances. My emergency box is stocked.

Adrian actually compared a character on House to me: "She's even more prepared than you." If that doesn't tell you something about my obsessive nature.

Alastair is doing great. Sitting up more and more on his own. He can even steady himself sometimes when starts to fall over. Before I know it, this kid is going to be walking, then driving, then racing Formula One...

T-minus 6 days until I am released for Corporate Hell. I am excited but at the same time terrified. This has been the only real job-type job I've known since college. For the longest time, I thought I could do nothing else but slave away in a cubicle-all my hopes and dreams faded. Now as I am coming upon the day of my freedom, I can't hardly believe it. Does this mean I will finally have to make something of myself instead of just settle into a complacent existence as a wage-earning Corporate Cog? What if I turn out to be a horrible disappointment, not only in my career but as a mom? The thought of slogging back here like a dog to its vomit is a possibility I don't even want to consider.

On top of the scary potential of being a total failure at life, what the fuck am I going to do for money? How am I going to keep myself well-dressed, well-shod, and well-read?

All big quandaries indeed. Of course, we could have a horrible hurricane or an outbreak of bird flu. That would put all my petty whinings in perspective, now wouldn't it.

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P'Nut-76 said...

Congrats on getting out... RUN...

If shoes came in one style and color only I would totally quit this job.

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