Monday, July 10, 2006

Day One of Five

This is my final week of employment here at Capital One, and it could not be more anticlimactic. Many of the people I work with now in my group are new and don't have a clue who I am or what I do. This is like a non-event for them.

Guess I ought to start packing up my desk and deleting any incrementing personal shit from my computer.

Yesterday, Adrian and I finally went to see the new X-Men movie. We are desperately trying to NOT become those parents who grouse about having not seen an adult movie in years. It's just that we are a little behind on our new releases. After the movie, we chatted about the film, what we liked, how the absence of Bryan Singer was evident in the overall tone, etc. Eventually, the conversation was overtaken by Amanda's comic book nerdiness from her adolescence as I recounted all the storylines, characters, and artists from the X-Men universe that I loved. Adrian was very patient with me as I blathered on about alien sub-plots, spin-off comics, and what I saw as I decline in the genre with the early-90's "Mutant Apocalypse" story arc. In the midst of my blathering, I realized how much I wanted to have all my old comics (still sitting in my bedroom closet at my 'rents house) to show Adrian.

This morning it occurred to me that I might have a passion to share some day with my son. We've already guessed he'll inherit some measure of nerdiness from his parents (If he grows up to become a total jock, I'll eat these words.) which means he may very well have an appreciation for mom's stash of vintage comics. Having a son means that I probably won't be able to impart such wisdom as the importance of a good eyelash curler or how a sassy pair of heels can really pull an outfit together (Oh God help me if I eat those words!). But maybe, just maybe, I can share the joy of a well-drawn comic book and geek out over who'd win out in a battle: Wolverine or Batman.

Was it really July in Virginia this weekend? Saturday we actually turned off the A/C and opened our windows. I don't think I have ever turned off the A/C during a Richmond July except for the summer our unit busted and we had no choice. Today, however, Mother Nature is back to her old tricks with punishing highs in the 90's.

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