Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day Three of Five

Shine on you crazy diamond.

Today, I am cleaning and purging my desk so that I can start packing up the crap I want to keep and take home. Funny how, now that I am leaving the company, all this stuff that seemed so important and needed to be saved gets chucked into the wastebin without a second thought.

Last night, Little A was again gracious and fell asleep sans screaming even though he was a fussy crab through his meal of rice cereal and his bath. I can't wait to be able to spend time with my son when he isn't worn out from a day of Baby Work.

Adrian said that he finally got to see Little A interact with one of his co-workers at Baby Work, a boy named William. Alastair was content to let William take his toy away and then just lean against William. The head of the infant room said that normally Alastair likes to suck on William's head. Nice. My kid's a zombie baby. "Brains. Yummy!"

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