Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day Four of Five

More packing. More packing.

I have a Summer Junk Food Television quandry. When it comes time for the dancers to go solo in the competition on "So You Think You Can Dance", who should I vote for: Benji or Donyelle? I am torn. I love them both. Also, which comic should get my vote in "Last Comic"? Big choices all around.

I had a very Proustian moment this afternoon when I walked into the restroom here at work. The scent of the cleaning supplies brought me back to working at the mall during the Christmas season. The smell is exactly the same as whatever they use in the mall bathroom that we used because the Hecht's bathroom was never really clean. It was like a trip back almost nine years ago. Whoosh! Freaky.

Still more packing today. I feel like I did when I graduated high school, excited yet terrified at the possibilities ahead. Mostly the possibility of failure. Except failing as a mom is a lot worse than failing a class in college.

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ahamos said...

You will not fail. As long as everything you do is done with and out of love, you cannot fail.

I have no concerns about you and Beeboo. You're gonna do great.

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