Monday, June 12, 2006

At the Rivah

The Amos' made like the Other Half lived and spend a very lazy and relaxing weekend down by the River. My in-laws were very generous and allowed us free reign of their house in Irvington for a long weekend retreat. Removed from all responsibility-office work, house work, the black hole of the Internet- Adrian and I were able to really relax for the first time Little A came on board.

The thing I love about Irvington is the lack of distractions. Basically, the big decisions of each day revolved around what to eat at each meal. We spent most of our days lounging about, reading, playing with Alastair, watching lots of World Cup soccer and Animal Planet, and taking leisurely walks. It was our first (an probably only) vacation of the year.

Alastair did fairly well adjusting to a new environment, especially considering he's in the throes of Cold Number 2 (congestion and coughing). We had to get inventive with his sleeping quarters after the Pack-n-Play proved to be too wiggly for peaceful sleep. The cushions off of the porch furniture made the perfect makeshift nest for a sleepy little boy.

Not only was this Alastair's first sleep-away-from home trip, but he also put his feet into sand and felt the tide of the river wash over them. Adrian captured his experience on video, and I can only hope it accurately recorded the little man's utter glee. He gave me this HUGE grin as if to say, "This is awesome. Mom; you've got to check this out!" Every time the water passed over his feet, he let out a charming little squeal. I think we've got a total water baby on our hands.

Alastair experienced yet another first this weekend when we let him sit in the grass. Not two seconds after I plunked him down in the backyard, Alastair tore a chunk of grass and lifted it to his mouth to inspect. Luckily, I managed to liberate the grass clippings before Little A could jam them into his cute toothless maw.

This trip was a much needed break from the craziness our life has become. It was wonderful to spend leisurely days together as a family, just the three of us (or the two of us, while Alastair snoozed). Finally I think I am understanding what a true vacation is... practicing the art of doing nothing.

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ahamos said...

I had the best time with you and Boy! You're awesome. :)

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