Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cause and Effect

Last week was Little A's first week of full-time daycare (aka Baby Work). Coincidentally he also caught his first cold. Proving the theoritcal equation of Daycare+ Baby= Illness. Poor little guy. For the past four days, we've been armed with the aspirator, suctioning mucous out of his nose. Some times he doesn't mind, like it's a game; other times he howls in aggravation. Indicative of his generous nature, he was also kind enough to share his germs with Adrian and me. We both came down with the sniffles. The family that gets sick together...

Adrian was kind enough to stay home with Alastair yesterday so that our little man could get some rest and help his little body repair. I think it might have helped; this morning he was more animated and vocal than he's been in a while. He's still pretty snotty and coughy, but hopefully he's on the mend. I feel so helpless when he's sick. All I can do is pray, suck snot out of his nose, and hope for the best.

We've also been crossing a few developmental milestones with Little A. He's been working really hard on sitting on his own. Right now he crumples up into a modified tripod that lasts all of about 10 seconds at a time. But he's working on it. Adrian and I try to prop him up with pillows and such as many opportunities as we can. I can tell he's much happier seeing the world from a seated position than lying on his back.

This weekend was The Wedding. It's funny how much a wedding resembles a stage production. There's the cast, an audience, the musicians, set decoration, programs, costumes, a stage manager. There's normally a script of some sort. We rehearse and have a post-production photo call. Then there is the chaos of opening night (which also happens to be the sole performance). I think the only real difference between a stage show and a wedding is that only in a wedding is the director also one of the lead actors.

The ceremony was quite lovely, and everything went off with little or no major hitches. (Which in a weird way is a little disappointing because I was hoping for a classic AFV moment. Hey, you can make some serious cash off of the documentation of human suffering and humiliation! Still think I should have pulled the groom's ring from the bodice of my dress.)

Honestly, I don't think I've seen Jeff and Evelyn happier than they were in those moments at the front of the sanctuary, professing their love and devotion to one another. Except of course when Evelyn got all choked up on her vows, but let's all assume that was because of anoverwhelming joy. It wasn't until yesterday afternoon while driving home from work that it hit me: Jeff and Evelyn are married. They are now officially The Cronins. Far out.

Goodbye Elliott. You had a great run and made fans out of almost an entire city. If Idol were about raw talent alone, you would have been the sure-fire winner. No matter what path you take in your hopefully sucessful music career, may you retain your honesty, sensitivity, and humility that endeared you to all of us.

I have now lost all interest in Idol since the options have been whittled down to the Drunk Epileptic Wedding Singer and Queen Plastic the Over-Singer. I just wish I had gotten tickets to the show in July. I had no idea they would sell out in 15 minutes! Go Elliott; Richmond still loves ya!

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Ev said...

Hey. I'm not sure why I started going back through your blog and I'm not sure you'll know I've left this comment, but I love this post. I love that Jeff & my wedding is called The Wedding.
I feel famous hearing it talked about the way you put it.
Thank you. You are a great friend.

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