Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Sling's The Thing!

Finally after scouring the internet and one misfire later, I've finally found a decent baby sling. Alastair has been resting comfortably in it this morning (of course until five minutes ago when he started his pre-diaper change squirm and grunt). I got this sling at Target of all places, despite the numerous websites selling expensive and supposedly superior products. Little A seems to like being cradled about in it. This way I can schlep about the house and go out in public with my boy tucked close to me.

Last night, Alastair discovered his thumb and started enthusiastically sucking away. It was so cute. Then of course, he lost it again and was back to the spastic arm waving we are used to seeing.

Exciting to see a bull terrier win Best in Show for the Westminster show. Go bully breeds!

As Dr. Phil would say, it's time to get real. It's time to throw down the gauntlet and start Operation Banish the Baby Fat. When I launched Operation Skinny Bitch two years ago, I kept my intentions pretty quite except to Adrian, my mom, and a few friends. I threw myself maniacally into the WW's program and managed to drop over thirty pounds in four months. Now I am back at square one with a few more challenges (namely I am breastfeeding and for the sake of my son, I cannot starve myself), so I've decided to come out and be as public as possible with Operation BBF. Hopefully this will keep me honest and on task, as I will be putting my progress out here on the blog for everyone (or all three people who read this!) to see.

My goal: Drop twenty pounds by the beginning of May. I've got two compelling reasons for this timeline. 1.) I'd like to run in the Race for the Cure again on May 13. Probably won't have as good a time as I had last year, but I am still challenging myself to run the who race without stopping or falling down. 2.) I am the MOH in a wedding on May 19. 'Nuff said.

The second half of Operation BBF would be to lose an additional 10 lbs by Alastair's six-month birthday which would bring me back down to my fighting weight. Since everything I've read talks about how "It took you nine months to put on the weight. It will take you nine months to take it all off.", I might be a little ambitious in my goals. But honestly, I think I put on most of my baby weight in the last two or three months of pregnancy.

Since I can't obsessively track my food intake as I did on WW, I've gone with a less structured approach and am writing down every bit of food that goes into my mouth. Plus, I am spending at least 30 mins a day being active.

So here goes the comparison shopping!

Amanda's stats pre-Alastair:
Weight-138 lbs
Measurements: Waist-28", Bicep-11 3/4", Bust-35", Hips-37 3/4", Thigh-22 1/4"

Amanda's stats post-Alastair:
Weight-168 lbs
Measurements: Waist-34", Bicep-12", Bust-38", Hips-40", Thigh-23"

Yeah, it's sad but true. Baby fat seems to have totally consumed my midsection and hips. Sigh.

Every Monday, I will commit to posting my current weight and every two weeks I'll post my measurements. Hopefully this will act as an incentive to stay on track with my pseudo-diet. That and looking at pictures from the past two years to thoroughly depress myself.

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Evie said...

Holy Crap!
I admire your resolve and committment. I'm not sure I could post my weight and measurements, but maybe I should.
I really need to "tighten" myself up.
I'll email you about this...

Loved your commentary during OSB, Looking forward to your commentary during OBBF.


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