Thursday, January 19, 2006

Still Cookin' Up My Kid

Yet another day has passed and yet another Little A no-show. He was gracious enough to allow Momma A to get her haircut and not to interfere with her television viewing schedule. Now I am of the opinion that this delay in arrival in actual for my benefit. I am a planner by nature and hate to not be prepared for anything. Granted, I probably will never actually be ready for motherhood, at least these extra days will allow me time to get a few last minute things taken care of and make sure my bags are appropriately packed.

Thinking now about shooting for January 22 to push Little A out. I'll have a Capricorn/Aquarius cusp baby (Three Earth signs in one household was just too good to be true). Plus, January 22 is my old high school friend Ezra's birthday. Mr. Magna Cum Lauda Harvard graduate. Strangely enough, Ezra has popped into my head a few times over the past few weeks. Maybe it's a sign.

I've stepped up my activity level in hopes of kick-starting labor, walking several times a day, going up and down stairs. I even jumped on the elliptical trainer for about 15 minutes last night for a light jog.

Work continues to be a thorn in my side. It's frustrating to keep showing up day after day with people continuing to dump projects and work in my lap as if this whole pregnancy thing is just a a big hoax. At least I get to spend the next few days without Psycho, my nutty co-worker. She drives us all insane, but no one really has the fortitude to tell her to chill out. The person that management idiotically decided to bring in as my three-month replacement is still on pretty shaky ground. My boss and peers are all on pins and needles because they fear she'll royally screw the pooch on something after I leave.

This whole ordeal (training a brand new person to take over the full capacity of my role) has at least revealed to a great number of people that a.) My job is more difficult and complex than anyone really knew. b.) I am this weird font of wisdom and experience in the department. If anything, I feel very appreciated for one of the few times in my Corporate Hell career.

Is Brokeback Mountain really all that good or is it just getting buzz for political reasons? I am curious, but not enough to go see the film. At nine months pregnant, I am really not in the mood for depressive love stories.

Munich intrigues me because I always enjoy a good political thriller and good ole Steve S is pretty consistently entertaining no matter what genre he tackles. I only hope that come Oscar time Cinderella Man and Crash get some recognition and that the awards aren't dominated by one movie. Some years that works and other years it makes for a really boring show.

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