Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fine me

I'm officially overdue. According to the aforementioned estimated schedule. By two whopping days and already people are up my ass about when I am going to be induced. Like it's assumed I want to fuck with my body to be on some sort of predetermined birth schedule. As long as Little A is healthy (which he is), and I'm healthy (which I am), I see no reason to go dinking around with anything.

I'd actually like to avoid the whole induction thing seeing as I am not a huge fan of messing with Nature by pumping my body full of a synthetic hormone. I've read too much and heard too many stories about all the complications that result when a woman is induced through a Pictocin drip. One of the things that horrifies me is that after the Pictocin is administered, contractions start hard and fast. There is no slow build up to active labor as there would be under normal conditions. Since I am hoping to avoid being stuck in the spinal column and juiced full of drugs, having immediate and wildly intense contractions is petrifying.

Plus, once you are induced chemically, you automatically come under the doctor's birth timeline of when certain events should be taking place and more apt to be subjected to further intervention if your body isn't doing what the doctor thinks it should be. Women who are induced face a 30% increase in their chances of C-sections. Considering that in America, C-sections are performed on average in about 35% of births, that increases my chances of being cut a little too high for my comfort.

Being hooked up to an IV and forced to lay around like some birthing cow is totally unappealing. No matter how "great" a hospital or birthing center is, it's not home will all its comforts and trappings. There will be a constant parade of medical staff in and out of my room poking and proding and examining me. If I want to get up and walk around it's pretty much confined to the hallways of the ward, no outside strolls for this gal. It's not that I don't appreciate the benefits of the medical profession. Goodness knows, should anything go wrong with Little A's coming into this world, I want a trained staff on hand to fix things up. I'm just not an enormous fan of hospitals nor of constant medical supervision. Generally, I am a healthy gal who's had a healthy, pretty uneventful pregnancy. I'd hate to complete the cycle strapped to a hosipital bed, being monitored like a fucking lab rat.

Adrian is right. No one trusts God or Nature anymore.

Since it seems like my cervix is the one thing holding all of this up (It's as tight as a drum as of yesterday.), one of my co-workers says I am just trying to excert parental control over my child in utero. Hey, my only request is that should he come soon, it not be during the 9-10 p.m. timeslot. Don't be messing with my Lost. Just as long as he comes soon. I might not be ready for a Baby, but I am sure ready to move on with my life.

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