Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year

Here at Corporate Hell, the hamster wheel just keeps on turning, no better and no worse, for the New Year. The same bullshit problems. Same complaints. Same useless co-workers who continue to exist under the impression that they are invaluable resources to the Company.

Little A continues to gestate and beat me up regularly. Once he arrives, then 2006 will really begin. Otherwise, it's just a new page on the calendar.

Last week, I acheived a wonderful milestone in my human existence. I got all eight of the Invisibles correct! For about a year, I've been playing the Invisibles game and not once have I been able to correctly identify more than seven of the eight screen captures. Until now... Check out Quiz #264 and see if you can do as well as I did. Just try and best a Master.

Adrian and I actually had a fairly low-key New Year's weekend. Lots of sci-fi/horror movie watching from our new Christmas acquisitions (Matrix Trilogy, Blade Trilogy, Serenity). We were so engrossed in our movie watching, we totally missed the ball drop. Oh well, it will drop again next year. We spent more than a few hours playing House Jenga and moving crap around in preparation of Little A's arrival. It's amazing how much space this slightly-larger-than-a-breadbox human being is going to need. His room is probably 85% ready. Vivi's already seasoned the crib with her fur. As usual, any inanimate object we bring into the house falls under the domain of the felines. I can only hope that she doesn't want to bunk with the newborn. That's one of our big fears. Sometimes my kitties just have a little too much love for their own good.

The official countdown has begun. I'm trying out all the home remedies/old wives' tales to move things along and go into labor naturally. Maybe it's my old straight edge tendencies creeping in, but I just dread the thought of being tampered with and shot full of drugs to get this little apple to fall from the branches. Basically, the whole shot full of drugs things creeps me out anyway.

Say a prayer, shake a chicken, burn some incense, whatever for me and Adrian and Little A.

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