Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

May your days be merry and bright...

Christmas this year was nice and fairly low-key, outside of multiple family committments here in town. Adrian and I enjoyed what will probably be the last Christmas where we actually get presents for ourselves from family and friends. Going forward, it will be all Alastair, all the time.

My crazy grandmother in Grundy had to go and get herself sick and land in the hospital, prompting my parents to take a sudden trip on Christmas Day to be with her. Hopefully this will give them more ammunition in the Battle to Bring Birchie to Richmond. Maybe my grandmother will finally see how difficult it is to look after her when she is 7 hours away from her children and grandchildren. But she is willfull to the nth degree. Sigh.

Now that the holiday season is mostly over (except for Twelfth Night!) and my classes are all done, we are looking forward to gearing up full swing for the impending arrival of Little A (as Chris and Terry have dubbed him). This means reigning in the chaos of Alastair's room which is jammed packed with goodies from showers and such, getting his dresser upstairs from the laundry room, packing up "The Bags" for the impending trip to the hospital, installing car seat bases... The list just goes on and on. When he does arrive, despite all of our best efforts, we will probably just stand over his crib and look bewildered.

Meanwhile, Little A continues to punch and kick the crap out of me. Sometimes so hard it straightens my back up a little. My Little Ninja. This better mean that he will be quick to come out of his uterine home. I dread one of those prolonged labors. Even more so, do I dread the "C" word. But I think since I've cursed myself into having an Aquarius baby(proclaiming so fiercely my desire for another Earth Sign in the house), I've probably also cursed myself into having my kid's head get stuck somewhere in the birthing process. The mere thought of being cut and having my stomach muscles separated gives me the willies.

Will someone please tell me when will there be new episodes of "Lost"? I'm dying out here.

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