Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saint Amanda, Patron Saint of Klutzes

The egg-shaped black bruise in the palm of my hand has mostly faded away. Yesterday, it was pretty intense looking and mildly sensitive to the touch. I have no recollection of hitting my hand on anything hard enough to cause a wound of this magnitude. This was a pretty nasty bruise-not blue or purplish, but black as pitch. I bruise pretty easily; look at me funny and I get a bruise. But this was really weird. Totally out of nowhere.

Is this like a form of stigmata? A sign from God? Am I being tapped for Sainthood?

One of the joys of school being out for the summer is the lack of bus traffic on my way to work. And the lack of parents schlepping their kids to school. Ahhhhh.

Last night as I packed my lunch, I had the overwhelming impulse to start singing "The Greatest Love of All" in a very bombastic, faux-cabaret singer way. It was as though the song itself had invaded my brain; I was being overtaken by the spirit of pre-crackhead Whitney Houston. Is this Lumpy's doing? The whole cravings concept seems to be moving to a new and interesting level.

Lumpy causes chaos.

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ahamos said...

I can't tell you how grateful I am that you did not burst into song. I think my head would have exploded from that one.

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