Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm not damaged goods. I'm not what you call Florida White Trash. I'm a really good person!

Good Things

Often times I forget the powerful affect certain things have on me, like turning me into a giddy ball of idiotic happiness.

I wonder if someone had looked into our den last night and seen me I ran on the elliptical machine clapping, shouting, and bopping my head from side to side, would they have thought I was touched? Or simply insane?

Would they have realized I was watching True Romance? The movie that literally came to define my college identity?

Maybe not. I probably just looked like a 'tard excercising.

Crappy Things

I spent $27 dollars to fuel up SpaceMobile. I was bad and waited until she started beeping at me, and the needle hovered over the "E". Normally I'm a good girl and don't let my tank get past half- empty without gassing up. (Not good for the fuel injection to let the tank get too low, ya know.)

It's the most I've ever spent on gas since owning my car.

Piss on this. I'm still not seeing the whole "Blood for Oil" argument about the war. I'm sure as hell not reaping any benefits at the pump.

Exciting Things

Husband's blog says it all.

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ahamos said...

You forgot Favorite Things, which, for me, are you and the kitties. And Lumpy.

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