Thursday, April 07, 2005

My cholesterol is 144.

According to the doc, I’m as healthy as a horse. Fifteen days before Thirty, it’s good to know that my body’s not started falling apart quite yet Props to my paternal Portuguese genes. Me and Dad: Two healthy horses. One more thing I frighteningly have in common with him.

Speaking of the impending Thirty, I still haven’t figured out what to do to commemorate the event. Quite evening at home? Riotous evening out with friends? Quite evening out with Husband? Riotous evening at home with friends?

Mad Tea Party?

Yesterday for the first time this year, I wore a skirt bare-legged. Bare-legged in all my Nuclear Winter White with Angry Red Dog Bite Scars glory. The temp peaked in the mid-80’s. This weekend, the weather will turn chilly and rainy. Man, I love Spring in the Old Dominion. Coming soon: The thick film of yellow evil.

Tuesday, my team had a day long meeting/team-building event. After seven years of Corporate Hell, I tend to get cynical about this type of bullshit, but Tuesday’s meeting was actually helpful. I really like our new Tier Five (translation: my boss’s boss). She’s enthusiastic, smart, driven, and compassionate. A far cry from the corporate douche-bags we’ve had to contend with in the past.

I have made a wonderful consumerist discovery: I can now shop for OPI nail goodness and Neutrogena sunless tanning (Banish the Nuclear Winter White!) products without leaving my desk. Yum.

This weekend, I travel to Grundy with mom to visit my grandmom. We’re going to try and convince her to move to Richmond where she’d be closer to her three children and her two only grandchildren. I hope she can be persuaded. I’d really like to have my only surviving grandparent (I don’t count my bitch-ass paternal grandmother whom I’ve never even met.) closer than half a state away so I could spend more time with her.

Tonight I shop for mom’s Fiftieth birthday presents. I hope I do well with the big 5-OH gifts. I guess I feel like I can never repay all the things my mom has done for me. Any presents I give her feel paltry in comparison.


ahamos said...

Thursday: quiet evening at home with Husband
Friday: Riotous evening out with friends
Saturday: Mad Tea Party
Sunday: Recover

Sally said...

Maybe you should bribe your grandma with tons of free tanning lotion?

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