Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Life by the numbers

Recently during a rather dull meeting, I compiled the following list. In the seven years since I started my indentured servitude here at Corporate Hell, I have:
· Worked in four different buildings
· Sat at 14 desks
· Had 11 different managers
· Held six titles
· Called four places home
· Driven two cars
· Used two different last names
· Had three hair colors
· Added two tattoos to my body
· Pierced my ear one last time
· Traveled to one foreign country
· Visited 10 states

Have I frittered the last seven years of my life? Did I goof away my twenties in this god-forsaken place?

I’m sure I could continue adding interesting numerical statistics during the multitude of meetings I’ve been subjected to as of late. But then I don’t think that will help me in my plodding ascent (descent?) through the Rings of Corporate Hell.


Happy Fiftieth Birthday Mom!

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ahamos said...

You forgot one thing in your list of "accomplishments": you got married!

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