Thursday, February 17, 2005

Life handed us a paycheck..

...and we said, "We worked harder than this!"

I am going to have a good day today. The morning clouds were blushing pink and my commute was painless (except for the twat in the truck who couldn't fathom the concept of accelerating onto the highway).

Despite the fact that my annoying, fingernail-clipping (again on Monday),bobbled-headed co-worker's very presence turns me into a ball of tense, my day will be okay. I will not allow the fact that I spent the better part of an hour sorting out Outlook issues to ruin my day. So what if my calendar is crammed with useless meetings? Who cares that I am carrying four excess pounds somewhere on my midsection?

I will have a good day.

I'm looking forward to a three-and-a-half day weekend (albeit busy with social shit). Manicure on Friday. A trip to Williamsburg with the beloved is on President's Day. I've got Ice Bat on my desktop. My feet are clad in shoe happiness. Rectifying the lack of promised vampire action on last week's Alias, I found a new Sonja Blue book at Borders. I'm planning a great anniversary trip. While months away, April's shaping up to be a pretty damn fine month. My birthday aside, Tori is playing D.C. on 4/6, and the Blade Trinity DVD is released on 4/26. Boyfriend goodness! Yum.

I've consumed 4 pieces of gum already this morning. But today will be a good day. I will make it so. French Market coffee will help me get there.

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ahamos said...

Double-dosing on the caffeine, this morning? Whoa, camel, indeed!

I think I might need a little caffeine this afternoon, myself...

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