Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Coronation of The Sun King

File this under "Times when I wish I had a camera phone."

Yesterday, as I waited in the lobby of Cancerville Clinic for my dad to pick me up, I spotted a guy wandering about in a black parka-like jacket. Pretty normal looking from the front, but when he walked past me, I got an eye full. Across the back of the jacket was emblazoned this mosaic of images: Obama's profile, the White House, "44th President", and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't quite make out. All in little red, white, and blue rhinestone. Rhinestones. As in BEDAZZLER.

For real.



The President. The RHINESTONE President.

It really was a bit too much.

And that's all I have about that.


Anonymous said...



Chris S said...

You mean that I never showed you my GW Bush Jeans? Dang, you missed out!

Kathy from Washington state said...

My staff is looking at me like I have lost it because I am seriously laughing here.

Kathy U

rach said...


sounds like the fug girls would approve...

Anonymous said...

We drove 12 hours - or at least it seemed like 12 hours - from Indiana to go to the Inauguration. Believe me, those rhinestone items were on caps, tshirts. We had a great time and it was a wonderful day.


Amy Foley said...

You know that Uncle Mike has one of those jackets! Bob wants to borrow it ... for one of those October parties at your parents house.

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