Thursday, October 16, 2008

This is too funny

Chatting it up with a couple of nurses this afternoon, I discovered why my room is so spacious:

"Oh, it's funny they put you in one of the bariatric rooms. That's why your doors are so wide."

"What do you mean, bariatric?"

"For big people."

Yup. I am in the fat people room. I kid you not. It's a hospital room for an overly large patient. The doors are extra wide, the chair is nice and wide (It's not, as I previously assumed, a loveseat.), bathroom is extra big.

I'm in the Large Marge Suite.

Can my life be any more absurd?

Scratch that.


Pea said...

Snork. That's hilarious and utterly absurd.

Maybe they gave you the extra space to give the Warrior Princess room to kick some Zombie Leukemia Cell butt.

Anonymous said...

bariatric is the BEST. WORD. EVER.


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