Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Still Hanging. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yup. Still sitting on my butt with some brain numbing HGTV show on in the background. I've had a much more positive day today. The highest my temp has gotten (so far, knock wood) has been around the 99 degrees ranch, which isn't high enough to set off the the alarms here. My second and third blood cultures aren't showing any bacteria growth which is a sign the antibiotics are doing a good job. Plus, my visitors today (Mr. Preacher Ken, Kim, and the one-two punch of The Mister and Little A) really lifted my spirits.

The big concern now is that my white cells will start bouncing back. I'm always edgy about how quickly my white cells come back online because that tends to indicate how successful the chemo treatment was in squashing those Stupid Leukemia Zombie Cells. My heart tells me to shut up that chattering bitch in my brain filling me with all these fears and simply lay these concerns before God. But she's a mean motor scooter with acrylics. I just need to get in her face and rip her weave out and throw it across the room. While she scampers for her hair, I'll knock her up side the head, subdue her, and wrap her up in duct tape.

Or I could pray a lot.

I've still got this demon of a headache, one of those face and sinus beauties that are worse when you move your head around. Evil gnomes have crawled into my brain area while I've slept and now hammer relentlessly with ball peen hammers on the inside of my skull. Fortunately, Nurse Awesomeness is looking out for me tonight, and she's got the good drugs. Right now, those bastard gnomes are knocked out cold.

Lucy got to come home tonight. Her upper respiratory issue has almost completely disappeared,but she'll be required to take a number of pills for a while. She nibbled on her food in the dish a bit, but we'll still syringe feed her until she is comfortable eating on her own. Her reunion with the home was a loving one. Nervous-pervis, shypants Lucy even let Little A love on her a bit. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and supplications on behalf of my sweet girl. I'm so glad she made it through this.

For those of you following the Cannonball Read, Prisco and I are also crossposting our reviews at my internet treehouse fort, Pajiba. I want to send a wee bit of traffic their way because it's a great site and an even more fabulous community of folk who've been a phenomenal support for me during my crazy cancer phase. So if you love pop culture, movies, television, books, and being super-snarky and have no fear of comment threads that often diverge down some, um, interesting paths, stop by Pajiba, check out our reviews, and support the site. Hopefully, I'll have something up from my second book tomorrow. It was a heavy (mentally not lbs) read, and I need some time to pin down my thoughts.

Life is a highway. I wanna ride it all night long.


D. Hubbs said...

Have you ever seen the movie, Firestarter? I used an image from that movie while in CCU. Whenever I felt my icky thoughts were taking over..( happened alot!) I pushed out the words (BACK OFF!) Really articulating them with as much force as possible. Repeating them as many time as needed. I found it really worked. Gave me a chance to get back into positive prayer.
As always my school and church prayer buddies have you on their list. D. Hubbs

Anonymous said...

HOpe all is well over there. Harvest Moon tonight!


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