Thursday, September 18, 2008

Book 3 of 100

Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

Whenever I force The Mister to stop in the middle of reading whatever 19th Century seafaring novel he has in his hands so that I can read aloud a passage from my book, it usually means that my aforementioned book is pretty darn humorous. The more often I stop him is directly proportional to the book’s overall hilarity. Now when I can’t get through the passage I’m trying to read because I keep cracking up so bad the words coming out of my mouth sound something like “Ebid sheee. Iah. Ebid. Bwaw!”, well you get the picture.

Apathy and Other Small Victories
did inspire a hysterical laughing fit at one particular scene, but not at every page’s turn. Still, it was otherwise amusing in a very above average sort of way.

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ahamos said...

Hornblower says "Ha-H'm" to your constant interruptions. :)

JamieSmitten said...

Excellent review of an excellent book. I'm going back to the bookshelf to see if I can hook you again!

Anonymous said...

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Anyway, he also indicated that wellwishers should instead write. I am therefore writing, at this time, to immediately and forthwith advise, instruct and cajole you to promtly and without further delay, be swell; er a, that is, be well; anyway, as soon as possible!

The blockcity skydiving knothead cousin!

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