Thursday, July 03, 2008

You want the base model or a fully loaded MurderTank?

This one's for my pals over at Pajiba. Frequently in the comment threads, there is mention of a mythical MurderTank that serves as the method by which the Pajibites will wipe out the fetid, poo smear that is Hollywood. Don't ask me from whence the MurderTank originated because, like many terms (Whiskeybabyninjastar and Godtopus) that sprang forth in full armor from the minds of Pajiba, the first mention of it is buried deep within the confines of some long forgotten thread and has now become the stuff of legend.

Anyway, because he is a fellow zombie warrior my uncle sent me a link to a pretty funny Wired article about the best post-apocalyptic vehicles. Two of the vehicles profiled provided me with pretty decent visuals of what the MurderTank looks like, which up until this point in my mind looked like Land of the Dead's crazy dreadnought RV/tank.

For your consideration:

The Dingo pictured here looks pretty basic but it does boast a heavily armored exterior, 7.62 mm machine gun, 40 mm grenade launcher, and for an added plus, it's air conditioned!

But then there's the Stryker.

Um yeah.

When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherf***ing zombie in a five mile radius, accept no substitutes.

Do you think Henrico County will have a problem when I start parking one of these in front of the house?

Have a great Independence Day everyone!


Nicole said...

Manda, I love you and this is rad, but it's "Whiskeybabyninjastar!"

Please don't kick my ass.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Yeah!!!!

Anonymous said...


Whoops. I'm an ass.

ev said...

I think that first one is the type of vehicle my cousin just got hit by an IED in while strapped into the turrett position.
Amazing that he walked away with very little injuries.
This is a rocking vehicle!

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