Monday, June 23, 2008

The Making of a Movie Buff

Today, we took Little A to see Kung Fu Panda, his first movie in a movie theater. This kid comes from a long line of movie lovers, so naturally he enjoys a good flick. He's already a big fan of Cars and The Incredibles, and even at his tender age will sit mesmerized through these rather long movies. But he's not yet had the complete movie theater experience, and this year we decided he would be old enough to have the patience for a full-length picture, to appreciate the big screen, and to not get freaked out at the dark or the volume.

By the way, how much does it bug me when parents bring age-inappropriate children to movies? Like an infant who invariably starts screaming or babbling in the middle of the film and whose parents seem to think the best approach is to try and calm the baby there rather than GET UP AND WALK OUT OF THE THEATER WITH YOUR SCREAMING CHILD. Or like the mother I saw with her two elementary-school-age sons at a showing of Jackie Brown because that's teaching them fabulous things about guns, sex, and profane language. Or like the mother we saw in line to buy tickets with her three-year-old daughter as we were leaving Iron Man at some time past 10 o'clock because that's an awesome time to see a movie with your toddler. Okay, sure I understand maybe not having the dough for a babysitter or maybe having a hard time finding a dependable one. But for crying out loud people, just suck it up and wait for it to come out on DVD.

Anyway, I digress.

We've been hyping this movie experience and Kung Fu Panda since I got out of the hospital after my first round of chemo. We've been watching the online trailers, reading the book, and we even got some Happy Meal toys. I've been pretty jazzed about this, my son's first movie-going experience. Once the doctors declared me no longer neutropenic, we got busy picking out a day and a showing. We packed snacks, put on a snazzy polo shirt with pandas embroidered in the corner, and set off to meet my mom at the theater.

Then due to a mix-up with the times, we ended up there an hour early. Snort. But it was good opportunity to grab a quick lunch.

Occasionally, there are moments when Little A does something that makes me wonder if he truly is the fruit of my loins. Today, for instance, he summarily rejected popcorn. My mom talked him into trying a piece which he promptly ejected from his mouth. Doesn't like popcorn. Huh.

We settled into our seats. Immediately, Little A seemed puzzled as to why we were being forced to watch commercials. I told him I wonder the same thing too some times. Once the movie started, Little A was mesmerized. The only time he talked out loud was to inquire about the usher who came into the theater to make his rounds ("What's that man doing?"). I loved seeing his big grin whenever he recognized a favorite line or scene from one of the trailers we watch.

But I think the whole event, coupled with the darkness and the fact that the sound was a little low, wore him down. By the last ten or fifteen minutes of the movie, he was starting to look drowsy, but I think the final battle scene roused him out of his stupor. All in all, he seemed to enjoy the experience. The scenes with the younger Tai Lung and Master Tigress being the most memorable so far.

Later, when talking about his experiences, Little A made sure to mention the "holes in the seats to put our drinks in." My kid remember the cupholders. Awesome.

The day's events have pretty well baked his noodle because it's taken me a good while to try and spin him down for sleepytime. Whew. I guess our big screen adventures will be few and far between, at least for now.

On one last note, I've got a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow. Just a reminder of my friends, the zombie leukemia cells. Let's hope and pray that the last scorched earth approach has kept them somewhat at bay. Otherwise, the Zombie Warrior's going to start investing in some nuclear goodies for her arsenal.


Alex the Odd said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: that kid is destined to grow up awesome.

I'm glad Little A enjoyed his first cinematic outing, there's something great about watching kids' movies with actual kids.

TK said...

"Today, for instance, he summarily rejected popcorn"

He is wise beyond his years. The force is strong with this one.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Little A and I may be distant relatives, or buddies waiting to happen. I too, dislike pop corn. I'm glad you guys had a fun movie outing and am impressed that he made it through the whole movie.

And don't get me started on people who bring children to age inappropriate movies. Try being dragged to "Rising Sun" and have five kids between the ages of 3-8 asking questions like, "Mommy, what's that? What's that man doing to her?" If you can get that many kids in a theater, you can find someone to babysit.

tania said...

I hope the biopsy isn't too horrible. I know they are not your favourite thing.

Sounds like Little A is the good kind of kid to take to movies! No seat-kicking or screaming (and they don't have to be too young to be at the movies, to do that. Brats come in all ages!) And he enjoyed the film too - good for him.
I hear you about people who take their far-too-young kids to movies. My worst experience of that was a toddler with his mum. OK, it was animation, though one for adults too ('Chicken Run'). And it was a matinee. But he was still too damn young. He chatted and fidgeted non-stop. The final straw came when he wanted to pee - and instead of taking him to the loo, his mum had him pee in her empty soda cup right there in the seat! We stared in disbelief. I know when a kid has to go, he has to go, but come ON! The loos were pretty close, but Mummy just didn't fancy missing any of the film, I suppose. Never mind the rest of us...

Nicole said...

I think you have one of the top five coolest kids on the planet. Should I ever have a child, I'll need you to send me a manual.

Saying prayers for the biopsy to come back the way we want it to, dammit.

tinksgirl said...

Good luck on the biopsy, I'll be praying for you. I have often said to friends that social services should post someone to stand at the movie theater and just be able to remove some kids from their homes based on what kinds of movies their parents are taking them to. I once saw a little girl-who couldn't have been more than eight-talk her mom into letting her see Sweeney Todd because, hey, she'd all ready seen all the Saw movies and Hostel.

Susan said...

Dude. I love the way you write. The post is all about the first movie experience, with a comment about neutropenia and white cell counts thrown in here and there. You're so matter-of-fact. So cool.

I'm so glad to be writing with you over at MWC!

Good luck with the biopsy!

Kim said...

Fun! I think I have another 2 years before I'll even think about it with my littlest mischief maker.

Good luck with the test results - hope they're clear!!

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