Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Pleasant Fiction

Last night, the Mister and I had our second movie date night of my furlough.  We went to see the new Indy movie (which was fairly entertaining but lacking the sparkle of its predecessors, especially Raiders.).  Life has really been falling back into this semi-normalcy, despite Momma A's bald head and tubies and clinic visits. We were eating family meals, going on errands, and having a great time playing with Little A.   But it was a pretend normalcy

Because now I'm back in the Big House, getting chemo Round 2.  I'm back in the land of Cletus the IV, cavalcade of medicine, late night nurse visits, poking and prodding, and napalm mouthwash.  Good times peeps.  And of course, a bone marrow transplant is in my near future.  Whoop, whoop! 

Last week my bone marrow biopsy revealed refractory leukemia cells.  Some of these stupid cells dared show their faces after the Zombie Warrior and her chemo arsenal steamrolled through the halls of my bone marrow.  This news wasn't a huge surprise to me considering I'd already been informed that my flavor of AML is particularly aggressive and a narsty bugger at that.  So instead of those slobbering, shambling Romero-esque ghouls, the Stupid Leukemia Zombie Cells inhabiting my marrow are more like the psychotic infected from 28 Days Later or Zack Snyder's swiftly moving undead.  These are tough buggers, and Zombie Warrior's going to need a more powerful set of weapons, and that's why I am here.  Of course, arming her to the teeth may cause some further collateral damage to my body; give a gal a flame thrower, and she's bound to scorch the walls something fierce.

Keep me in your prayers as I take on this new, more intense round of chemo.  The poisons are being pumped in for five days.  If I don't react poorly (meaning no fevers or insane side effects) to the chemo, I might be released on parole after the chemo treatments ends.  That's our prayer goal now: That Zombie Warrior cleans up these vicious leukemia ghouls and that she doesn't completely trash my body in the process.

Yeah and my new attending doctor is a jackass.  An old fart doctor who cracked a joked about how I "looked good now but just wait until after they'd finished with me."  Yeah, who's been complaining about Dr. CrotchedyPants?

Did anyone else notice Aaron had a White Rabbit poster on his bedroom door on tonight's Lost season finale?

Spam sales are up 7%.

Finally, according to the US Postal Service, come December, I no longer live in Richmond, but Henrico.  Curiouser.

Off to catch my fleeting Big House zzzzzzz's.


Alex the Odd said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you Manda. Fight those evil zombie cells. I am working on a nano-bot army equipped with teeny tiny flamethrowers as I type.

Anonymous said...

Bigger guns? Boo.

I'm am here, thinking of you. My prayers are for your body to regain its balance, strength through your second round of chemo, and end to the bad cells, and a quick and smooth recovery! Go Amanda GO! You and your body can SO do this.


tinksgirl said...

I personally believe you are going to kick the ass of every evil zombie cell left and I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Ranylt said...

(Cue "Rocky" theme song)

Just Joe said...

For what it's worth, there's an anonymous idiot on the internet pulling for you as well. Best wishes to you and yours.

Kimberly said...

Manda, Thinking of you and sending prayers and good vibes your way!
Keep fighting!

tania said...

This won't be easy for you. I hope it helps that we are all rooting for you to wipe the floor with those nasty bugger zombie cells.
Go Manda!!

Marissa said...

It was so great to see you. You kick some ass in there this week!!

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