Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mixed Nuts With a Seasoning of Marrow

Tonight I've been gimping about my house like a geriatric hip replacement patient. Now I can fully appreciate having gone through my four previous bone marrow biopsies in The Big House where I could laze about in bed and oxycodone was on tap. The biopsy went well; the doc performing it was actually a hemo-oncologist fellow and the pathologist observed and assisted. That's the double edged sword of being treated at a teaching hospital; there are lots of fresh minds on your case, but you are also something of a guinea pig. The fellow performed the biopsy fine, yet I couldn't shake the feeling that he was seriously digging for treasure in my pelvic bone. Plus he reiterated the findings of the two previous pathologists who did my other biopsies: I have bones of stone.

The biopsy results will be ready for my appointment on Friday. Here's hoping for good news.

Speaking of good news, my white counts are up. Other counts are holding firm. Of course, I forgot to ask whether or not this takes me out of neutropenic precautionary zone. A viewing of Iron Man is still in my near future, even if I have to wear my sexy mask and cover the seat in a surgical drape.

Other random news from down Amos Way:

My relationship with Little A has been firmly (and perhaps even stronger than before) reestablished. Yesterday, for the first time since my being home, he called specifically for "Mommy" after his nap. We spend lots of time snuggling and hugging and wrestling, and actually, he's gotten pretty lovey and cuddly lately. It's awesome.

He has also become obsessed with watching the online trailers for both Kung Fu Panda and Wall*E. Based on release dates, it looks like Clan Amos will have to betray their fierce Pixar loyalties and introduce Little A to the movie theater experience with a Dreamworks flick. Oh well. He'll love them both, of that I am certain. He can already sing the first few bars of "Kung Fu Fighting" complete with the "da da da da duh duh duh" part and can identify both Wall*E and his robotic girlfriend Eve.

I can't believe I've not posted this sooner, but my West Coast blogger buddy Girl With the Curious Hair is working with Team in Training, raising funds and preparing to run a half marathon in my honor this October. Mosey on over to her fundraising page and toss her some coin. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society does some awesome work for folks like me and their families, acting as a support system and an advocate for people who are battling blood cancers. Hopefully, this time next year I will have successfully kicked leukemia's butt and will be training for my own race.

Speaking of events in my honor, the blood drive was apparently a success. Forty-four people showed up to donate, and thirty-eight were able. I only wish I could have been there to personally thank every single donor or potential donor. That's thirty-eight lives saved. Kick Ass.

It appears that the esteemed Senator Teddy Kennedy and I are rowing in the same boat. I'd love to send him a card saying welcome to The Cancer and just suck it up because you've had a long life, outliving your more esteemed brothers, and even managing to dodge that whole Chappaquiddick business.

What the hell was up with the House season finale? Could it be any more Debbie Downer? And why did it have to air on the same day I get a rotten prognosis concerning my particularly nasty brand of Stupid Zombie Leukemia? And my anniversary? Jeezie-peezie people. Way to stick it in and break it off.

I really need to post a baldness picture soon because I am very proud of my naked skull. It's quite lovely.


Girl With Curious Hair said...

Thank you for the support, sweetie. Literally think of you every time my alarm clock rings. At 5am.

I'm glad to hear you and Little A are re-bonding. Praying for good news on Friday!

Rusty said...

Fingers crossed for good news! And if people ask you about the funny outfit at the movie theater just tell them you´re going as Iron Man´s sworn nemesis, Plastic Woman, and they´d know that if they read the comic books. Then sniff dismissively in their direction. No one will challenge it.

Ev said...

You totally rock baldness with some hotness, so a picture is needed. I'm glad that Alastair is back to holding you first in his heart, just as it should be.
You'll have to read my comment on Adrian's blog regarding the House finale. So totally depressing!

Marissa is coming in next week and wants to get together. Hopefully we can get that worked out for early in the week!
I'm working on the bone marrow drive!
Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna see the bald!!! :)

I'm so happy about your reconnection with little A. That is wonderful--and hells yeah to some Wall*E.

I'm still sending you the good vibrations, and looking forward to hearing good news....come on white count!!

love from boo corner

Daniel said...

I heard that by donating, you "save three lives." Is that true?

Of those 38 able donors, how many did the "double red"? Two others and I were hooked up to that machine while only two others were doing it single-style.

So if 1/3 of us did the double red donation, that's the equivalent of 50.6, which multiplied by three (if true) saves 152 lives.


carol said...

I just want to say I hope you are aok.


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