Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Six: Boring Patient

According to the medical staff here, I'm pretty boring, but as I am learning, when you are here in The Big House, boring is good.  I've not yet had any adverse reactions to my treatments (not to say that I won't) and my counts seem to be progressing as usual.  Tonight a nurse offered to bring me a sheet with my blood work up from the last three days; it was an interesting read, most of the information meant very little to me.  

Still, my hemoglobin numbers are slowly declining, as anticipated, which means a transfusion probably in the near future.  I could tell that my blood count was getting low from the faint wooshing that popped into my ears today.  Weird.  Now that I know what all of my funky symptoms from the last month or so mean, I can read my body clearer.

Other than an upper respiratory thing, either caused by allergies or a little cold, I feel pretty good.  Stir-crazy but good.  Let's hope the stuffy nose and cough thing doesn't develop into something worse.  I'm drinking lots of water and juice to combat try and combat that.  I've got enough to worry about mowing down Stupid Zombie Leukemia Cells; this Zombie Warrior can't be blowing her nose in between kills.

For lunch my husband brought me two bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell.  Because I woke this morning and that's what I wanted to eat.  Cheap fast food Meximerican.  And it was damn awesome.  But first thing on my list when I get paroled from The Big House: an enormous salad with every possible veggie in the salad bar.  I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Finally, before Ambien and ER, I want to put out another big fat wet interweb smooch of thanks to all my readers and fellow Pajiba folks who are tearing through my Amazon wish list and showering me with a slew of media options.  It's been awesome.  Like Christmas, with chemotherapy.  And I swear, on my Southern little heart, that I am saving all the packing lists in order to send each one of you a handwritten note.  That's my project when I get out of here; it's how we do things here below the Mason-Dixon line.


Over and out from LeukemiaTown.


Trudie said...

Here's one more person rooting for you, from the other side of the Atlantic. You seem to have the right attitude to beat this, but an army of people cheering you on can't hurt!
I have recently had my own experience with chemo and remember the big black hole that opened up in front of me every now and then.
Being a 'boring patient' is GOOD!

tania said...

mmmmmm Taco Bell...
I wish we had that in the UK. Sadly we got Subway instead (and our Subway servers don't get the concept of 'fast food' involving, well, speed...)
But I digress. Sorry, I shouldn't post when I'm hungry!

I'm glad to hear that you are on track and (apart from that cold) are still feeling ok.
I hope Nurse Doofus hasn't been around to annoy you. Are you sure she was a real nurse? Because sometimes weirdos walk into hospitals and play pretend... just sayin'.... ;-)!


Daniel said...

I am posting to let you know that people are still giving your blog the F5 daily.

Hang in there!

Marissa said...

Hey kiddo, I just ordered you a little bday sumpin'. Guess it's not a suprise if you know it's coming. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!

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