Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beginning the Battle Against My Stupid Cells

Prepare for a brief post, as I am eagerly awaiting my Ambien to start kicking in very soon.  Thanks to my smacktacular mom-in-law, I have a shiny iBook on my lap.  As long as I feel up to it, I'll be logging onto the interwebs and making my presence known.

Gratitude is pouring out of my soul for all the well wishes you've been posting here and on The Mister's blog.  You will never know how much the support you send us through the circuitry uplifts and envelopes us with the love of strangers with generous hearts.

I'm a wee bit sore from the installation of my Hickman line, but the percoset is taking some of the edge off.  Even though I'm sore and slightly immobile right now, I appreciate the fact that I am no longer a marionette.  The Hickman line is inserted beneath the skin right under my neck, and will allow not only the infusion of chemo, but also the withdraw of blood when they need it.  No more sticks and pokes!

This morning I had bone marrow biopsy Round Two, infinitely more pleasant than Round One.  Dr. Williams rocked my world by not only doping me with some happy juice, but he numbed me down to the bone.  I hardly felt a thing.  Now, on the other hand, my hip's feeling pretty rotten and sore.  But at least I didn't have to go through that previous nightmare where I felt like someone reached in a yanked on my pelvis bone.

Well, I've gabbed long enough.  I'm starting to get carried away to Sleepy  Town.  If any of y'all out there are cancer survivors or have experience with this hellish road I'll be traveling and have any advice you'd like to generously pass along, please e-mail me.  Also, feel free to e-mail me for my room number if you want to send me silly or mushy cards.  No flowers, though. Sniff, sniff.  

Love you guys.  Seriously.  We are family.


Trey and Laura Drake said...

we are seriously and faithfully praying for you and yours...bummed to hear of the news...we are sending our love and well wishes from kansas city..trey, laura, emery and ellyson drake

Alex the Odd said...

Happy juice is always a good thing my dear! It's good to see that you're back on the interwebs - your presence in my daily online-life would be sorely missed. As always, my thoughts are with you and healing happy vibes should be winging their way across the ocean as I type. Take care of yourself, Lady.

feramones (aka Resa) said...

Cancer runs on both sides of my family, so I've had more experiences with this than I'd care to, or anyone ever should...even once is too much, Godtopus dammit!

My aunt, when diagnosed with a brain tumor, was told her hair may or may not fall out, but she decided to shave it all off herself and handed it to my mom in a paper bag with "Are we having fun yet?" written on it.

My mother and grandmother also used to egg her on when she was goofy from the pain meds and write down all the funny things she said to repeat back to her whenever she may have been feeling a bit depressed later on.

I know we're an invisible support group, but we're here for whatever you need.

Kristen Stone said...

Hi Amanda,

I left a comment on Adrian's page too, but I'll let you have some fun with comments too.

I'm Kristen - Jerry's wife - Evelyn's sister in law. Of course my prayers are with you and your family.

I'm not a cancer survivor, but my mom is. The first round of surgeries and chemo were very difficult for us, but I promise you - after the first week or two, it does get easier. Definately have a head-shaving party (we did! it was hilarious!) and always do something silly every day. She's been seven years in remission and you will be soon too.

Stay strong. God will pull you through.


chipsahoy said...

kay...i'm a serious Pajiba lurker and have loved you from the start.
You've got me all teared up at work worrying about you waaaaay up here in Canada.

You will get better! You have an entire community of damn smart and funny people behind you.

(((((Hugs)))) for all the hell you're currently enduring.

Pea said...

I join the legions in saying that I've always enjoyed reading your work on Pajiba.
After years of knowing that I should do it, you have finally inspired me to actually join the bone marrow registry up here in Ontario. It makes me feel as though I'm actually doing something to help.
Happy thoughts and wishes.

Bianca Reagan said...

I'm glad you have you family to support you during this scary and difficult time. :| Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda-
Mariah filled me on what has been your journey these last few weeks. As soon as I heard I put my finger to the keyboard and started contacting my friends on prayer chains. The Lutherans, Baptist, Methodist and a few Catholics have your name, Adrian & Allister and are lifting them in prayer. I have asked for any one who has been down the road to let me know. Yes, there are people who have been down the road and can talk about it as a past experience. After reading your blog I can tell that you look at things as "1/2 full and not 1/2 empty". It sounds like your medical team is on the ball and looking out for you daily. Keep your spirits up and know that there are many people in your corner.
I contacted Kurt Jegermanis who went to HS with you, he'll pass the word.


Deborah Hubbs

Stephanie said...

Prepare to be bombarded with silliness. It sucks that you can't get flowers, expected, but it still sucks. I was sooo hoping to send a big bunch of daisies! I love you, girl! Sorry I can't visit right now, but hopefully soon. BIG HUG! ~Steph

Anonymous said...

My stepdad recovered from this form of leukemia about 2 years ago. He is now cancer free and healthy. I suggest that you look into the Hutchinson cancer hospital in seattle- one of the best in the country and a big part of why my stepfather is alive today. Good luck.

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