Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A critical eye

My reading preferences are varied, but I tend to favor either humorous meditations on parenting or horror fiction (Especially those that aid in my surviving the undead apocalypse). So naturally, I was a little skeptical about my appropriateness when a fellow blogger reached out to me for a review of her book, Steve the Penguin. However, I accepted the challenge having never in my life written a review of a book, especially not one written by someone I was familiar with.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who publishes their writings for all the world to read. Aside from a few plays and the bibble-babblings I do on this blog, I'm a horrible coward and don't let anyone read the crap I write. Hats off to Mahlena for having the chutzpah to publish a book.

Of course, being me, I've procrastinated on the project, and it's not for a lack of desire to write the review. I just worry about putting out a poor product, so I stall. Finally I got off my duff and churned out a blurb for Amazon:
Ever since Bridget Jones cracked open a diary and put pen to paper, there have been no dearth of literary singleton females searching for One True Love, a great career, and a wicked pair of shoes. In her debut novel Steve the Penguin, Mahlena-Rae Johnson doesn't reinvent the formula but rather creates an original heroine within the Single Gal genre. Her Bianca is opinionated, smart, and compassionate but also faces realistic obstacles: a floundering love life, self-doubt, body issues, a nagging family, and drama-prone friends. She's certainly more relatable, a Betty Suarez rather than a Carrie Bradshaw.
Wander on over to the Amazon listing for the rest of my musings on the book, but if you want your hands on my copy, back off! Order one for yourself, ya cheap bahstahrd.

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Mr. J said...

Thank you so much, madam! I appreciate your all of your words, both the positive and the critical ones. I'm very excited. :)

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