Friday, November 23, 2007

Five For Friday (Late Night Edition)

Five Things for Which I am Thankful but That Won't Be Mentioned 'Round the Family Thanksgiving Table

1. Tampons: Duh.

2. Contraception (particularly the little pill form): Duh. Also.

3. Coconut Rum: Because it mixes well with Diet Coke. Sometimes a girl likes to get her drink on AND still fight the chub.

4. Running Shorts With Built-In Underwear: Bliss is a wedgie-free jog about the neighborhood.

5. Those Morons Up Before the Ass Crack of Dawn Today to Buy a Bunch of Cheap Crap They Probably Don't Need: God bless, their relentless spending keeps our overly consumer-based economy afloat. Hopefully by the time they've hit old age and start bleeding the government dry in social services because they, in their spendthrift younger years, never saved for retirement, I will have whisked myself away to some exotic locale to while away my golden years.


Bianca Reagan said...

I like tampons too! They are less messy than pads. I should have started using them earlier in life, but I couldn't figure out how to fit them of up my cooter.

girl with curious hair said...

Are we sharing a brain? I was just thinking of the Season of Shopping and posted about it.

Also, nice list of avoided topics. Although, I think I would rather talk about contraception of almost any kind than abortion. I find it just makes Thanksgiving dinner a little awkward. (Yes, I speak from personal experience and no, I did not volunteer the topic.)

TK said...

What... I was gonna... I had a comment about shopping and funny silly it... was..

Bianca's comment has completely fucked me up.

Anonymous said...

And I thought Cooter was that dude on Dukes of Hazzard.


girl with curious hair said...

One good recommendation deserves another: The artist is an acquaintance and so cheery in her artwork.

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