Monday, July 16, 2007

Change of Direction

Originally, I was going to write a little post called "Mountain Man" about how much Little A enjoyed his brief visit to the mountains last week. The few days we were in Wintergreen, he got to experience hiking down the side of a mountain (on my dad's back) and the joys of throwing stones off of a cliff. Every time we were up high and got a good view of the mountain ranges whether driving or hiking, Little A would gasp and chuckle. It was also a nice trip for me because, with his boundless reserves of energy, my dad would often take Alastair off for an hour at a time to play on the rocks or throw a found golf ball around the parking lot. I got to veg out and watch HGTV.

Also, my friend Vanessa had her Baby Critter. Terribly exciting.

Then I read this article. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. All I had to do was read that the 11-month-old daughter weighed only 10 lbs, and I wanted to get into my car, drive down to Las Vegas, and put a serious hurtin' on these idiots. That social services had to shave her head because it was caked with cat urine only fueled my rage even further. Times like these make me seriously consider government-issued chastity belts and extensive testing before parenthood can be granted. Or something like that. Then again ignorant people have been having babies for generations, and humankind has survived. So far.

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