Friday, February 16, 2007

A Lot Can Happen in 365 Days


Valentine's Day 2006

Valentine's Day 2007

Yeah, damn.

My hair does look better doesn't it?

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VTKim said...

Well, damn! I saw the bottom picture and thought it was your mom at first - you look a lot like what I remember her like!

You look awesome - great job losing the baby weight! I can't wait for MY 365 shots (sigh).

As for icky dr visits - simple. Bribery. Little A may be a little young for it yet, but it's never to early to start in my opinion. Katie has had to go through some of the worst indecencies related to the (ahem) GI issues she has. I had to bribe her everytime we went for a year, now she's fine again. Well, mostly. At least the screaming has stopped, and she'll speak to doctors again. We'll see what comes out when she's in a therapists' chair 20 years from now.

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