Sunday, February 11, 2007

Have you seen my wig around? I feel naked without it.

Sign of our bizarre, litigious, and slowly growing more idiotic society: On the side of a container of milk in our fridge is "ALLERGY WARNING: CONTAINS MILK".

I kid you not.

Two movies in two days. I'm feeling practically human again. Babel was good. Thought provoking plot, well-acted, excellent cinematography (very tactile). Is it Best Picture? Not sure. Among those films nominated, maybe it is.

I thought Pan's Labyrinth was beautiful in a very dark and melancholy way. The director expertly intermingled a little girl's fantasy world and the brutal reality of Franco's Spain. Of course, I loved picking up on the nods to Lewis Carroll. The ending just about broke my heart.

Little A is on the move. Today he did some serious free walking around the living room. Soon he is going to just launch. Wheeee. Farm animals are still a major obsession. We've mastered what the cow and sheep says, and now he is working on his horse's "Neigh"!

I am pretty convinced that he is His Mother's Child. He loved his mixed vegetables, even over regular entrees like chicken and stars and spaghetti. Yeah, a veggie lover! Just the other day, I instructed him that the wrapper from a piece of candy was trash, and he went straight over to the trash can and tossed it in. Yeah, a neat freak!

Okay, does anyone else really want to smack that guy Pete from Fall Out Boy? Does he not just look like such a tool?

My Chemical Romance and Muse are playing W&M Hall on April 28. Holy junk.

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