Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I can't feel my teeth

Or my lips. Or the left side of my tongue. No, I am not drunk. And no I did not have a stroke. I am paying the price for having, as my grandfather called them, Bad Irish Teeth. I had to get a filling in one of my back teeth this morning. First one in four years, I might add. So for a procedure that took all of twenty minutes, my mouth is numb for three or four hours. Sweet. I get to drink my lunch from a straw! When this shit wears off my jaw will be sore where the dentist shot me full of Novocaine and I'll probably have gnawed bits of the inside of my cheek off.

On the plus side, if Alastair takes a whack at my face, I won't feel a thing.

Election day has come and gone, thank God. I swear I got no fewer than seven recorded phone calls pitching me one candidate or another. All on election day. The brouhaha over the congressional shift in power has me scratching my head. C'mon folks: meet the new boss; same as the old boss. It's becoming difficult, beyond the rhetoric, to distinguish one party from the other. Both are dedicated to appeasing the interest of major contributors and special interest groups that support them, and they engage in pork barrel politics to protect their own incumbancy. Personally, I just wish the governement would back the f*ck up and stop wasting all the tax dollars it siphons off of my family on a regular basis. But then that's just the anarchist/libertarian in me.

Last weekend was a great time with the Amos Family, as well as proof positive that we couldn't have hatched a baby better suited to us. Friday, Adrian took off from work, and capitalizing on the fantastic weather, we got together a picnic lunch and packed up the Little Man for an afternoon at Maymont. I knew how much he adores animals, especially kitties, but I was not prepared for how freaking excited he would be. Starting in the nature center, we took Alastair past the tanks of turtles and crazy-huge fish. He squealed and pumped his legs in joy. Out at the petting farm, he was totally enthralled with a huge bull, goats, sheep, chickens, and pigs. He threw out his arms trying to hug every creature within three feet of him. Man, he is a trip. Hopefully, he continue to stay an animal lover as he grows up. The jaunt was so exhausting he crashed almost immediately upon getting into the car and snoozed for almost three hours.

Sunday, we all piled into the MINI to participate in MINIs on a Ferry down at Jamestown. For those of you here in Central VA know that the weather on Sunday was total shite. Chilly temps, high winds, soaking rains. Fun times. The event was kind of crazy and a somewhat poorly planned, and Little A was in and out of the car several times facing piss poor weather conditions. He slept through the ferry ride (his first!) and tolerated his snack being fed to him in transit. But he was an absolute doll. Never once fussed (except for having his diaper changed in a public restroom which he hates) or got cranky, napping very well in the car coming home. Plus, he charmed the whole table at the Virginia Diner (Yum, tasty Southern country cooking!), especially with a demonstration of Fists of Fury. This kid was total made for Adrian and I: laid-back, sweet, friendly and most importantly, tolerate of his parents' bizzare life.

Off to find some food to eat that requires minimal chewing.

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