Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My SpaceMobile

On the drive to work today, my faithful intergalactic steed SpaceMobile crossed the 50,000 mile mark. I've been captain of SpaceMobile for almost 6 years now, so it's pretty obvious that my daily commute's not tremendously long. SpaceMobile is the first new car I ever bought way back in 1999. Cars never really used to interest me all that much. I probably would have limped along for another few years in Chinquita, my big ole boat of a Volvo with a leaky A/C, had VW not introduced the New Beetle. The first time I saw the "Reverse Engineered from UFOs" commercial backed by the thumping goodness of Fluke I knew I had to have me one.

Despite her seemingly low mileage, SpaceMobile has gotten around. Since taking the helm, I have steered her through the following states: Virginia (and all over! From the coast to the far southwestern border), West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, D.C., North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Her favorite drives have been through the mountains of North Carolina, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the rolling hills of Kentucky. She also highly recommends the Ohio Turnpike for it's smooth ride, lack of menacing semi's, and well-maintained pit stops. Her least favorite excursions have been on the frightening, twisting West Virginia turnpike and basically anywhere in state of Pennsylvania where the Department of Transportation is run by baboons.

SpaceMobile has done me very well, and I look forward to the next 50,000 miles with her. Despite her pesky airbag light issue and occasional hiccup, she's been a great traveling companion through the galaxies. The New Beetle may not be the novelty it was when I first bought her, but the little bubble dome I spot across the parking lot will always make me smile.

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ahamos said...

Yay! I'm so glad she still makes you smile!

Even when the death knell had been rung for the Jetta, I still loved driving that car. That was, of course, until the MINI actually showed up...

Cars have such a personal and emotional tie to us. Our car says so much about our personality, from the brand and model to the cleanliness to the list of modifications done, all the way down to the bumper stickers.

Good for you, baby!

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