Monday, June 27, 2005

Kids These Days

I thought it was a genius idea. This year at camp, show the kids The Muppet Movie at the Movie Night. I loved the Muppets as a kid and was a regular devotee of the original The Muppet Show (Pigs in Space!).

I had a litte trouble tracking the flick down, seeing as it is out of print. But got my hands on a DVD copy from eBay. Adrian and I watched it Friday evening.

Damn. It's slow. The humor is pretty adult (Adult in the intelligence, not subject matter). They sing long songs. There are no explosions. No CGI. No quick cuts or jumpy editing to keep our ADD-inflicted youthful minds occupied from one minute to the next. I still love the movie; it's a classic. I'm just afraid that it's no longer relevant to a generation raised on a constant diet of television and video games.

My main idea was to somehow expose the kids to the Muppets, since I don't know if they even really watch anything Muppet-related now. I don't want to scrap the idea entirely, so next up is Muppet Treasure Island. It's supposed to be pretty good, and you can't go wrong with Pirates, right?

But I will miss sharing with the campers the great scene where Animal is yelling, "WOMAN! WOMAN! WOMAN!" in the opening minutes of The Muppet Movie.

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