Monday, May 23, 2005

Put that thing back where it came from! So help me!

I'za slacker.

In my defense I did just return from a week-long 5th anniversary trip to lovely Asheville, NC, a wonderful little town nestled in the moutains of WNC. Great hiking, food, sights, art, and a scrumdelicous spa.

And no the Amos' have still not seen Episode III. And NO, the Slack Ass Amos' have not been replaced by Pod People. We were on vacation. Sheesh. We managed to miss Lost, for crying out loud. The Hitchiker's Guide is still on our list of flicks to see. But not for long. Heh, heh.

I think my job is trying to drive me insane. I am slowly working my way down to the Ninth Level of Corporate Hell where they will stick my ass in a frozen lake and some demon will gnaw on my exposed limbs.

However, there is a minor bright spot in the near future. My annoying co-worker, BobbleHeaded Turtle Man, will be out for the entire month of June. Which means no complaining, whining, obtuse e-mails, tense spousal phone conversations, frozen lunches that stink like dog food, and most importantly, no nail clipping. Praise God and pass the biscuits.

But guess who gets stuck doing all his work while he's gone?

Lucky me.

Gotta take the good with the bad.

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