Monday, April 18, 2005

You have T-minus four and a half days to reach minimum safe distance

Today, there will be no nail-clipping. The Bobbleheaded Turtle-Man is out all week. Unfortunately, I will also be out two days this week, missing out on a full week of annoyance-free days at work. Ah well.

Friday, BTM brought his obnoxious daughter into the office. She's about seven-years-old but behaved like she was three. I don't think there was a quiet moment in the last hour I was here. She talked to my boss and then when my boss stopped participating in the conversation, she talked to herself. She sang. She played with noisy toys. Maybe twice, her father made half-assed attempts to get her to calm down and sit with him. Did she? Hells no.

It was as if he knew he would be out all this week and wanted to give us all a friendly send-off care of his bratling spawn. If he only knew the great effort I was making to keep from taping his kid's lips shut and tying her to a chair, he probably woulnd't have tempted fate so much. Ill-behaved children are my nemises.

Sunday, Mr. Harper and I got our fill of boyfriend goodness. Shirtless boyfriend goodness. Yum. The Amityville Horror was ancillary and not very scary at all. For me it served only as a vessel for boyfriend goodness. Like crackers are to peanut butter. Except I normally dispense with the crackers and eat the peanut butter right out of the jar with a spoon. Now, how do I get boyfriend goodness like that?

Hooray to my husband, the champion race car driver! Another win under his belt. I'm so proud. While I was in the movie, he was off kicking some asphalt ass. Smart, handsome, funny, sweet, AND a race car driver. Sheesh! How can one girl be so lucky.

Tonight's Netflix pics: Spanglish or Garden State? Hmmmmmm Dinner: Mexican or Veggie-Boursin Burgers? Life is full of choices.

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