Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy B'Earth Day To Me

There’s nothing like the violation of a brutal week at work after a relaxing vacation, a four-day weekend followed by five days of pure hell. Yummy. So what do I do in the face of a rapidly increasing mountain of inescapable work? I blog. Run from your problems, Amanda! That’s always a brilliant solution.

Turning 30 was great, especially when I drew out the celebration over a several days.

Adrian and I kicked off the prolonged weekend with an evening at his parent's new river home in Irvington: a beautiful, old farmhouse, decorated in their typical exquisite taste. No phones (except cell phones), no television, no computer. Total relaxation.

We woke Thursday morning having had one of the most restful nights in weeks. On the way out of town, still cocooned in bliss from such a good night’s sleep, future and frequent return visits to the River House were planned. It’s amazing the peace that falls over you just a few hours outside of your normal life.

So, I have this annoying habit of being totally unprepared for ill-weather when traveling. Leaving Richmond that afternoon for Monticello, the sky was clear and sunny. By the time we reached Charlottesville, however, clouds were fast approaching. No sooner had we stepped onto the grounds of Monticello did the wind whip up and buckets of rain fall from the sky. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees. I was dressed for Richmond as we left it, a sunny day in the 70’s: tank top, skirt, and sandals. Bollocks.

A tour of the house got us out of the weather, but unfortunately, we were ahead of the most obnoxious tour guide ever who kept her group literally on our group's heels the entire tour. We’d start to move into the next room, and she would be bringing her people right in on top of us. It got tight at times, what with umbrellas and such. The grounds were gorgeous with some of the biggest tulips I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, we weren’t compelled to wander much with the rain and all.

I’d forgotten what a totally fascinating and somewhat insane man Jefferson was. I wonder with all his obsessions and eccentricities how he would be viewed today, especially considering the publicity microscope under which we view our public figures.

Of course, by the time we got to the car and were headed out of Monticello, the rain had stopped. Cold and a little soggy, we ventured into the pedestrian mall area of downtown Charlottesville. We scored tasty coffee beverages, noshed on a panini, and indulged Amanda in her love of used and vintage bookstores, of which there were quite a few. Yes, I am a Book Whore. So, while our trip to C’ville was a bit of a meteorological mess, the day was a great opportunity to explore and plan for return trips in better weather.

My actually birth day was pretty low-key. Sleeping in long enough to still catch some morning television (a rare indulgence). There was the opening of copious cards and the presents from Adrian. My husband showered love upon me in the form of Season 2 of Farscape, the Freaks and Geeks sole season, books, and bling. Yes, this Un-Bling Girl now has fabulous, 30th Birthday Bling. You really must see it; my husband and his excellent taste. That evening there was dinner with the ‘rents, more presents, and chocolate ganache cake with pinwheels.

So, now I’m 30. That’s all I have to say about that.

Mad Tea Party will be detailed tomorrow.

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