Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Curiouser and curiouser

Evelyn's got me hooked into eBay again. She's been sending me auctions of weird, interesting, cool things. Like the wedding dress with fiber optic flowers on the bodice. Seriously, I could not make this shit up. She also sends me the occasionally "Alice" auction, and that's what has been luring me back into the great time and money sucker that is eBay

I go through spells where I troll the auctions and bid on things, mostly Alice stuff. Years will pass before I go back and poke around. According to my auction history, the last Alice auction I won was back in 2001. It wasn't until we bought the posters last year that I even bid on anything.

My Alice collection is something I've accumulated for pleasure only. I'm not one of those who collects for the investment. I take things out of their boxes and clip off tags. I don't obsess about maintaining everything in pristine condition. I have never focused on getting pieces for their present or future financial worth but am drawn to unusual Alice things like my tiny French porcelain figurines or the Alice tarot deck or original artwork by my father-in-law. I am a particular nut about the Cheshire Cat and love picking up anything with this likeness. Barring any serious financial ruin, I doubt I will ever sell anything from my collection.

Recently, I've fallen out of enjoying my collection. I rarely spend time in the Alice bedroom. There are large portions of my collection still stored in plastics tubs for lack of display space. I've got all these shelves from our little house that need to be repainted to match the decor of the new Alice room. There's a bag full of pins waiting to be displayed. Soon, I'll be getting a vintage Alice-themed Ford ad that will need framing and hanging. Hopefully, my three new eBay acquisitions will spur me on to spend more time on my collection, enjoying it and displaying it. Somehow I forget how much joy Alice really brings me until I find a new, unusual piece to suck me back into Wonderland.

Meanwhile, I gotta stay out of eBay. That's some dangerous shit right there. I need another cash hemorrhage like I need a bag on my hip.

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ahamos said...

Yeah, buddy: the cash hemorrhages suck. I'm glad you're getting back into the collection, though. I'll help you get those shelves painted any day. :)

Go bid like crazy!!

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